Hi, I’m Barry. I help organisations to make better choices about how they design and deliver learning, particularly if it involves technology.

In the mid-nineties I realised that if I wanted to really make a difference to the work of organisations, I had to change what I was doing. After a career in retail management I made the switch to HR, and over the next few years had a number of roles as an HR generalist, recruiter, and project manager, before finding a home in Learning and Development. I was as a trainer, training manager, and learning designer before moving into elearning in 2003.

Since then my work has focussed on how organisations can make the best use of technology to support learning, communication, and performance in the workplace. As Learning Technology Manager at a large UK corporate, I worked on a number of award-winning elearning and blended learning programmes, and championed the use of emerging tools (we were making use of online collaboration tools and user-generated content long before anyone was using the term ‘social media’).

Although I’m always on the lookout for new developments in technology and how it might be used (what Clay Shirky describes as ‘weak signal detection’) it’s always with an eye on how it can enable or enhance learning and how that, in turn, can improve performance.

I’m very much a pragmatist and the question I ask most often is “and so what?”.

Along with Clive Shepherd and Eugénie King, in 2015 I co-founded More Than Blended – a company that helps people build their capability to design, develop and deliver effective and efficient blended learning solutions. In 2017 we launched Skills Journey the CPD site for modern learning professionals