Welcome back Opera

Update 28 Nov 2019 – I’ve been using Firefox since the beginning of 2019. Maybe you should too?

Back in the early 2000s I used to use the Opera web browser. Then, as now, it was eclipsed by its rivals and never really got the adoption it deserved. I liked it it partly because it was a really good browser, but mostly because it was the underdog competing with the heavyweights at Microsoft and Netscape.

Ultimately I left it for Firefox and since the  have been a regular user of pretty much every browser you’ve heard of – and some you probably haven’t (Midori anyone?).

Happily I’m now back using Opera as my daily browser. Why?

  • It’s based on Blink – the engine that powers Google Chrome – with all the speed and other benefits that brings
  • It supports Chrome plugins
  • It’s not a Google product and doesn’t track me
  • I use Windows, Mac, iOS and Android and Opera gives the best cross platform experience

I can recommend Opera as an alternative to any of the mainstream browsers.