Surface Pro 3 – For Keeps?

Following on from my earlier post, the 14 day return window is nearly up and my decision is made – the Surface Pro 3 is definitely not going back. When I placed the order I figured that there was a 50/50 chance that I’d return it. That wasn’t because I had concerns about the quality and capabilities of the device itself, but more that after nine years of using Macs there would just be too much friction trying to use an unfamiliar operating system – and I’m too busy for those kinds of distractions. But that didn’t happen.

On the evening of the day it arrived I installed the key apps that I needed, signed in to Office (I have an Office 365 account) and left it overnight to sync Dropbox, OneDrive and Evernote – I have a lot of data and a slow broadband connection.

The next morning I started using it, expecting that within hours I would be so frustrated that I would reach for my familiar and trusty MacBook Pro. It didn’t happen that day, or the next, or any day since. In fact, after spending a week sat on my desk unused, the Mac is now shut away in a cupboard.

The purpose of this two-week experiment was to see not just if I could use the Surface Pro to replace the MacBook/iPad Air combo that I’ve been using, but if I would actually want to. The answer to both is a resounding yes!

3 thoughts on “Surface Pro 3 – For Keeps?”

  1. Cheers, Barry. I need a new home computer and have contemplated a Mac over PC (I have a 6 yr old PC laptop but have wanted a Mac for years) and need to work out what I want and what I want it for. I had not considered a Surface before, but will now.


    1. I wouldn’t discount a Mac (maybe it’s an itch you have to scratch) they make great hardware and pretty good software but I no longer see the benefits that I did when I made the switch nearly a decade ago.

      I’m sure that Apple’s transformation from a technology company to a fashion company will be hugely successful, but I’m not sure that my personal values are aligned with them any more (the £12,000 gold watch says it all).

      I also think that Microsoft are doing a much better job of managing developer relationships, are embracing a cross platform approach better than anyone else and are making an increasingly important contribution to many open source projects. I never imagined I would be saying that! I have high hopes for Windows 10 too.

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