21st Century LMS

On the 25th September, the eLearning Network held its Next Generation Learning Management event at Holborn Bars in London.

As part of the event, Matt Brewer of Chubb Insurance and I ran a collaborative session to identify what eLN members wanted to see in an LMS that was fit for use in 21st Century organisations. I’m really pleased to say that we have taken the output of that session and produced a report that can be freely downloaded from the eLearning Network website.

Download: 21st Century LMS

It’s released under a Creative Commons licence, so please do share and remix it.

3 thoughts on “21st Century LMS”

  1. great job Barry! Excellent session and thanks for taking the time to produce this document.

    Not trying to give you more work…but it would be great to have all the flip charts sheets as scans!…or even prezzi files 🙂

    1. Thanks Scott. I do have photos of all of the flipcharts. I’ll send them over, and if you fancy converting them to Prezzi files you can 🙂

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