Different is Memorable

Whether for holidays or business, flying is one of those things that has become so common that we rarely give it any thought. In particular, most people give the appearance of ignoring the pre flight safety briefing. So if you want people to pay attention and learn, it makes sense that you should do something uncommon.

That’s exactly what Thomson have done, and on a flight with them last week, I would estimate that 90% of the people on the plane paid attention to the whole thing.

Want to know why? Watch the video.

2 thoughts on “Different is Memorable”

  1. Virgin have been using illustrated cartoon characters in their safety videos for some time. They even have injected some humour into them! Vic Reeves does the voiceover and on the flights I’ve been on they are watched by lots of people.

    Interestingly I was on a train from Paddington to Slough last week and the journey started with a full safety briefing and each seat had an emergency safety sheet like you have on a plane. The tone, content and delivery was similar to what you get on a plane but as it was something I wasn’t used to hearing or seeing on a train it instantly got my attention.

    1. @ Scott – Your experience just goes to show that the unexpected can be a really great tool for grabbing people’s attention.

      I’ve used this approach in a section of an elearning module that covered violence in the workplace. We used a branching video scenario in which you are shouted at and verbally abused (no holds barred on the language). It really grabbed people’s attention as was commended by the learners for showing things as they really were.

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